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How we GO!

We go as Christ's body, His hands and feet (and every other part) carrying out the Great Commission and living out the Great Commandments in our own backyard and around the world. We go to take the life-changing message of God's Kingdom into a lost world. We go to carry on the work of caring for the outcast and poor as Jesus did when He physically walked the earth. This happens at Victory through supporting missionaries (with more than just finances... we truly love our missionaries and have great relationships with them), taking short-term mission trips around the country and around the world, serving in local outreach and service ministries, opening up our campus and ourselves to our community, and in our daily lives as we connect with people in our neighborhoods, at school or work, and wherever else the Lord may take us.

Soul Winning 

At Victory Baptist Church, we have a wide range of ministries. These ministries not only cater to the many individual needs of your family, but also provide ample opportunities for Christian service.

Acts 20:20

 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you..  Matthew 28:19-20.

Fulfilling the Great Commission is one of Victory Baptist Church’s biggest priorities. Our members are given multiple opportunities throughout the week to fulfill this Christian duty. One of these opportunities is our Thoughtful Thursday's. This time is a weekly assembly for our members to meet together and go out to present the Gospel to others.

Thoughtful Thursday's meets every Thursday in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00pm, and it begins with light refreshments. Then, the members pair into smaller groups and travel to the designated areas. Every member is given a partner at the beginning of the day. These two people work together by knocking on doors and inviting people to church for the first time and/or by following up with people who have already visited our church or have expressed an interest in visiting. 

Not only does this time provide opportunities for Christians to give the Gospel and help people get into church, it is also a perfect training opportunity for new Christians who wish to learn how to fulfill the Great Commission. Experienced Christians will teach newer Christians what to say, and they will provide the newer Christians with necessary guidance. Training includes everything from learning how to give a stranger an invitation or a pamphlet, all the way to learning how to help people get into church and change their lives forever.

Full-Time Missions

Victory Baptist takes fully to heart the Biblical mandate to go into all the world, teaching and making disciples. Our strong commitment to Missions is evident in our services, our finances, and our activities. We support more than 120 missionaries and their families. More than one-third of our total finances are directed into Missions, and much of that is continuous support for those we send. To learn more, contact the Missions Committee.

Short-Term Missions

At Victory Baptist Church, we seek to aid and encourage our members to experience missions first-hand, expecting God to grow and expand their perspective on how they can be used in His work. 

Missions Conference

Every year we invite several missionaries to share with us how God is using them around the world, and how we can partner with them in His mission.Our 2020 Conference will be held Novemeber 4-8.







Online Giving: 

One of the many ways that we are growing in supporting the Lord's work is online giving. We have setup online giving through Tithe.ly.

This is a completly secure and convenient way to give to Victory Baptist Church. Please feel free to call with any quesitons.